The Complete. Works of. Flavius Josephus. Translated By. William Whiston Josephus was born Joseph ben Mattathias in 37 C.E. in Jerusalem of a priestly. Josephus: The Complete Works. Author(s): Josephus, Flavius ( .. This PDF file is from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library, The mission of. 4 contents the life of flavius josephus antiquities of the jews preface book 1 from the creation The Works of Flavius Josephus - Ultimate Bible Reference Library.

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Author: Josephus Titus Flavius Title: The complete works of Josephus Complete and unabridged Year: Link download. passages in Josephus' writings 3), there is almost nothing else 4). . works of pagan historians 4). Others .. 1) The Works of Flavius Josephus (London, I). Complete works of Josephus. Antiquities of the Jews; The wars of the Jews against Apion, etc.,.. byJosephus, Flavius; Whiston, William, ; Havercamp.

Josephus had to fight a defensive war against overwhelming force while refereeing internecine squabbles in the Jewish ranks.

In 67 C. Josephus and other rebels were cornered in a cave during the siege of Jotapata and took a suicide pact. However, Josephus survived, and was taken hostage by the Romans, led by Vespasian.

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Josephus shrewdly reinterpreted the Messianic prophecies. He predicted that Vespasian would become the ruler of the 'entire world'. Josephus joined the Romans, for which he was branded a traitor. By the spring of A.

The Complete Works of Flavius Josephus- pdf

During his subsequent imprisonment, Josephus became directly acquainted with and gained the favor of Vespasian. When Vespasian became emperor in A.

He returned to Jerusalem with Titus, Vespasian's son and future emperor, where he served the Roman commander as interpreter and mediator. Faced with the inevitability of the Roman forces' ultimate victory, Josephus attempted to convince the Jews holding Jerusalem to surrender and thus save the city.

He was, however, unsuccessful and in A. After the destruction of Jerusalem, Josephus returned to Rome with Titus and settled there as a client of the emperor on an imperial pension—gaining the rights of a Roman citizen and adopting the emperor's family name, Flavius—and began his literary endeavors.

Complete works of Josephus. Antiquities of the Jews; The wars of the Jews against Apion, etc., ..

His first work, The Wars of the Jews, was written to give a general history of the wars from the time of the Maccabees to the Great War with Rome which resulted in the final demise of the nation of Israel.

Josephus' eyewitness account of the last years of resistance and particularly of the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus are most valuable to a proper understanding of those events.

Josephus' other major work and his longest, The Antiquities of the Jews, published some twenty years later, was written primarily for the benefit of the non-Jewish world.

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Antiquities of the Jews by Flavius Josephus

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Flavius Josephus

In almost every way, Josephus is our best available source for understanding the ancient's understanding of the Bible. As such, it is essential and invaluable to any serious student.

Having this book on a CD is a dream come true. This book acts many times as a supplement to the bible in filling important gaps that biblical history does not provide.

After a short association with the Essenes and a somewhat longer period as a disciple of an ascetic hermit named Banus, he decided at the age of nineteen to join the Pharisees. Flavius Josephus A.

You can also go to any page or chapter in the book with just a few mouse clicks, even if the book has thousands of pages! He excelled in his studies of Jewish law and studied with the Sadducees, Pharisees, and the Essenes, eventually aligning himself with the Pharisees.

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