Jay first introduced Scientific Advertising to me through his. “Your Marketing Genius At . students and a safe guide for advertisers. Every statement has been . "The time has come when advertising has in some hands reached the status of a science. It is based on fixed principles and is reasonably exact. The causes and. Grab a FREE copy of both the Scientific Advertising Audiobook (zip file containing MP3 for each chapter) and the Ebook (PDF) Click the download button on.

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Claude Hopkins wrote another book called "My Life In Advertising", while it is a must read, "Scientific Advertising" is his flag ship book. PDF versions. Click Here . Scientific Advertising PDF Summary by Claude C. Hopkins is one of the earliest advertising classics, widely considered the basis of direct. Scientific Advertising is a book written by Claude C Hopkins in and is cited by many Scientific Advertising - PDF version; Scientific Advertising - Best Picks - Joshua Bains | Target Marketing Magazine. Free Online Movie on this book.

Reverse engineer why things happened. Clarity trumps creativity Words rule the web. When persuasion is done at the stroke of the key, you have to make every word matter.

One must be able to express himself briefly, clearly, and convincingly, just as a salesman must. Flowery writing is a disadvantage when trying to sell. Paragraphs dripping with literary styling create the sense that one is being sold to, and when that happens, resistance occurs.


Value propositions fail when they aim for cute and creative over convincing. Hopkins offers a way to determine if your prose is primed for selling: There is one simple and right way to answer many advertising questions.

Would it help me sell them if I met the downloader in person? Prevention is not a popular subject, however much it should be.

People will do much to cure a trouble, but people in general will do little to prevent it. Hopkins highlights here that this is a truth so ironclad that it often creates seemingly absurd situations.

Surely people see that prevention is better than trying to cure a trouble after it has arisen, right? Too often, businesses focus on what they are able to make, rather than if what they are making is something people really want. Start with the pain first.

An ad-writer, to have a chance at success, must gain full information on his subject … Perhaps in many volumes he will find few facts to use. But some one fact may be the keynote of success. Hopkins cites the troubles early advertisers had in selling decaffeinated coffee.

So the immediate bracing effects which people seek from coffee do not come from the caffeine. Removing the caffeine does not remove the kick.

This was a small tweak in positioning made from serendipitous insight, but one that was important enough to change the industry. Know that even a short piece of writing often takes a slew of reading. The ad seems so simple, and it must be simple to appeal to simple people.

Scientific Advertising

But back of that ad may lie reams of data, months of research. The book is widely considered the foundation of direct marketing.

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She is a copywriter. Free Online Movie on this book - https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Anatomy of Humbug.

Ogilvy on Advertising. Pan Books London and Sydney. Retrieved from " https: Non-fiction books about advertising Business book stubs Advertising stubs. Hidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk.When we learn what a thousand customers cost, we know almost exactly what a million will cost.

Hopkins was an advertising pioneer, widely considered one of the foremost figures in the history of marketing.

Scientific Advertising PDF Summary

Return to Book Page. This is definitely required reading for anyone involved with advertising or marketing of any kind.

Embarrassing at best. Now, where have you heard that name?