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HALO: The Thursday War by Karen Traviss - The second novel of the Kilo-Five Trilogy by #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Traviss—part of the. Halo: Kilo-Five Trilogy has 13 entries in the series. Halo: Kilo-Five Trilogy ( Series). Book 1. Karen Traviss Author (). cover image of The Thursday War. Tor Books and Industries™ are excited to announce the on-sale availability of Halo: The Thursday War by #1 New York Times bestselling.

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Karen Traviss. Product Details. Vaz is injured and a couple of Elites are killed, but they manage to board the dropship and continue the search. Philips reappears about 80 kilometers from Ontom in Acroli and is directed to the local keep by three Unggoy farmers.

Upon arriving at the keep, he is greeted by a Sangheili female wielding a Plasma Pistol. He tries to explain how he came to be on Sanghelios in the midst of a civil war, but when the keep comes under attack, he is given a plasma pistol and is expected to defend it against several attackers. The attack on Vadam keep continues and the Arbiter's forces are gradually worn down. From the dropship, they spot plasma fire and realise that the keep is under attack.

Devereaux uses their Pelican chain gun to suppress the attacking Elites while the ODSTs and Naomi jump out and prepare to storm the building. Naomi barges in but Philips gets in the way to prevent anyone from being hurt.

Just as they try to leave, more enemy vessels approach, including a Phantom piloted by Forze, and several Banshees. After further discussion, he accepts the offer.

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The Phantom pilot identifies himself as Forze, Devereaux fights off the Banshees but her Pelican takes damage and she starts to lose coolant, they pick up Phillips but the Phantom starts tailing them and they can't make orbit. They manage to make a deal with Forze and Raia so that they can get the parts they need as long as they honor their agreement with 'Telcam.

On the Port Stanley, the Huragok Requires Adjustment and Leaks Repaired work on upgrading the ship by improving the communication systems and Slipspace drive. While on Trevelyan Jul learns that the Ur-Didact , commander of the Forerunner military may still be alive on a planet known only as Requiem, he also learns that he had a hatred for all of humanity which makes him interested to seek the didact out.

Back on Sanghelios the dropship is repaired to the extent that Devereaux thinks it's solid enough to make orbit, they take off hurriedly before the violence gets any worse and the pelican stays in one piece. There's not much to say about this: There's a lot of double-dealing, conspiracy, and sudden twists.

It's not bad because of that, but I have to say that I'm not quite a big of fan of Traviss' contributions as I was Nylund's and other author's earlier works, but part of that relates to a significant decline in action.

That said, the first real look into Elite Sangheili society the books offer is fantastic, and almost makes the books worth downloading by itself. I've gone back and re-read the books, the ones that I still have that are intact, at least.

I find myself reconsidering Travis' contributions: One particular failing is Travis' insistence on pounding in moral lessons except where the icky aliens are concerned , as well as her apparent and utter failure to familiarize herself with the rest of the universe: The characters seem bipolar at times: I still say that the insight the book offers into Sangheili society makes the series worth reading, but overall I'm quite disappointed by the departure of the technical, much more assured approach of Nylund.

Travis spends too much time trying to make her characters human when, in some ways, they're not; most of all, as another reviewer said, she spends far too much time making moral arguments, especially with characters like Parangosky who should, logically, be the ultimate in realpolitik but act more like a repenting sinner; this in a universe where, while under Nylund, had little moral compunction against the Spartan-II program.

I don't regret downloading the books, but I do regret how Travis has written them. This was an incredible read and gives so much insight into the Elite civil war and then the mention of the Didact a being that wanted nothing to do with humanity's distraction and yet was exiled for not following orders and so humanity was devolved to the prehistoric state, not remembering who they were before. This makes me want to read the Forerunner novels now. Any self respecting Halo fan should read this novel and all the ones that follow.

Paperback Verified download. My son hated reading until he found these. He was reading on a third grade level in sixth grade, but when he found these, he finally started to enjoy reading, and is now in the 11th grade and reading at near grade level.

For some reason the author really hates the Halsey character. I get that she stole kids and turned them into super soldiers. But the author for some reason felt the need to drag up this part of the Spartan program history that has never really been talked about before and crucify Dr Halsey over it. Anyway, that part of the story aside, this book was a much better read than Glasslands. I actually had a hard time putting this book down at many points.

My only two gripes are as I mentioned before the sudden persecution of Dr. Halsey and this book again ends with no resolution to the main story line. See all reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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Halo: The Thursday War

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Get to Know Us.Love it. However, when he arrives and he cannot provide one, she insists that she be on the Unflinching Resolve with him when they attack Vadam with 8 other vessels. I enjoyed this book very much.

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She hasn't appeared in any of the games, but Admiral Margaret Parangosky, head of ONI, might now be my favorite character in the Halo universe. I do miss the books starring the master chief, but in this book you get to see other protagonists and planets such as the sanghelei home world.

The Thursday War.

They do this by any means necessary, even if it means deceiving the Sangheili into a civil war of their own. It was very expressive in all facets of describing things, whether it was developing characters, wonderful settings, or fantastic combats. One person found this helpful.