Five stars and a standing ovation for A Shade of Vampire and its "This is the kind of book you can re-read over and over again and not get. A Shade of Vampire book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Alternate cover edition of ISBN On the ev. This series has a spinoff series with a whole new storyline: A Shade of beijuaganette.gq- stories/arcs within the series: 1. Derek & Sofia's story (Books ).

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Forrest, Bella - [Shade of Vampire 2] - A Shade of beijuaganette.gq KB Forrest, Bella - [Shade of Vampire 1] - A Shade of Vampire ().epub. KB. 7 Book 5 won't download can we have another one please. Note regarding paperbacks: check your local book store! Season 1: Derek & Sofia's story (Books ). 1. A Shade of Vampire. A Shade of Blood. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Bella Forrest transports you into a story with many defining $ Read with site Unlimited to also enjoy access to over 1 million more titles $ to download · Audiobook. $ Free with your Audible trial · Hardcover Similar books to A Shade of Vampire (New & Lengthened Edition).

She hopes bringing Ben into the picture will smooth the way. Derek keeps Ben as a slave to please Sofia, but he is jealous of their relationship even though Sofia says Ben is just a friend. Once again, Lucas attacks Sofia, saying he has waited long enough. Derek walks in and goes mad. At the end of the story, Derek tells Sofia she must leave the Shade. However, Sofia has fallen for Derek and decides she may want to stay.

This section contains words approx. I think this is what reminded so many people of Twilight. The vampire sees the girl, wants to feed on her blood but somehow manages to stop himself in time because of how special and unique the said girl was. Same old story. So, yes , I didn't like it.

The characters themselves were flawed. Sofia was, might I dare say it, a 'Mary-Sue'. She didn't think she was pretty, even though she was "beautiful". She didn't have a single flaw. I mean, c'mon , I don't believe this Unless you count being too perfect as a flaw? Every single character, including Derek specially, believed her to be a paragon of virtue, strength and hope. They're all overwhelmed with admiration for her.

Ahhh, Derek. The man I hoped to be my new YA love. Don't get me wrong, I love romantic guys who are sensitive and caring and devoted. But I counted the number of Derek's almost-declarations of love It was sweet at first, then it got unrealistic. And then there was the fact that he had apparently been asleep for five centures.

That was sometime in the middle s. My parents can't even keep up with the slang and the trends and they were there for most of it!! Derek's been out of the loop for a while and he sounds just like the bratty teens. I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review so even though I didn't enjoy it very much, I thank the author for giving me a chance to read it. S Was this review too honest? Michael Scofield called, and he would like his mental disorder back!

There is something to be said about borrowing from the inspiration of shows and books that you yourself enjoy, that I have no issue with. I hope we will see more show of this behaviour in the future because as it 3 Stars First off, I would just like to say: Vampires, vampires, everywhere; and too much blood to drink. He also does the one thing guaranteed to make me forgive him as a captor view spoiler [ which is to let her fucking go when her life is in danger.

View all 23 comments. Aug 15, Sigourney rated it did not like it Shelves: A copy of A Shade of Vampire was kindly sent to me by Bella Forrest in exchange for an honest review. I really disliked A Shade of Vampire. It seems to me that Forrest has taken a book from the Stephenie Meyer school of writing and followed it exactly. It manages to be sexist and misogynistic on practically every page — our darling protagonist Sofia is A copy of A Shade of Vampire was kindly sent to me by Bella Forrest in exchange for an honest review.

It manages to be sexist and misogynistic on practically every page — our darling protagonist Sofia is even flattered about being the property of a blood sucking vamp.

Series: A Shade of Vampire

You go girl. Derek, said blood sucking vamp, is Edward Cullen incarnate — sulky and remorseful, he even wants a music room.

Educated twenty three year olds with feminist tendencies and a moral code, however, will not. Pathetic, imbecile. Only cares about what men think — Ben, Derek. Ridiculous in every situation, especially when kidnapped by vampires. Bland, no personality.

Slut shaming is also thrown into the mix later on. AT ALL. No redeeming features. I thought this was the 21st century?! Hell no. Stockholm syndrome incoming. Women are not allowed to be anything other than a pretty face and a pair of tits. Oh, Sofia. I despair. The narrative just becomes more ridiculous and unlikable. Funny that. Seriously, eye rolling so much it hurts. How convenient. About as eloquently as I can sum up. View 2 comments. Jan 18, Jacqueline's Reads rated it really liked it.

I realized there is an extended version that has been tweaked and I figured, why not? I know I was a bit scared too. I had no expectations getting into this series, I was just in a Young Adult paranormal mood and let 4. I had no expectations getting into this series, I was just in a Young Adult paranormal mood and let me just tell you this. I got well more than I expected.

This was an easy and fast read. Give me a tortured vampire and a damsel in distress Heroine, yes please! Sofia just turned Distraught that Ben kind of ignored her on her birthday, Sofia runs and cries into the night on the beach.

That is until she is kidnapped by an evil vampire named Lucas. I really like how the book started and I love that Sofia has a crush on her best friend but then she gets kidnapped into the vampire world?! How cool is that. I love starting a new paranormal book because you get sucked into a whole new world. You learn about the new rules and what other supernatural elements there are. Yeah I know it gets better and better. Read on site Unlimited View all 4 comments.

Fans of Jennifer L. She was beautiful because, at a time when she had every right to be terrified, she managed to show comfort to another person who needed it.

She showed me a humanity I longed to return to.

But I was the predator. Not Bad. Is this as good as Vampire Academy? Is it as terrible "She was the most beautiful to behold— not because her appearance drew me in above and beyond the others. Is it as terrible as New Moon? On that scale this would be along the lines of Jennifer L Amentrout.

It's vampire-lite. The pages turn fast, and the story is easy to wrap around. What I like: But instead of just claiming it, we actually get a reasonable medical diagnosis as to why. Instead of uber bitchy stuff, they band together. I'm not in love, he is no Demitri or Adrian, but he is interesting and thoughtful and not an old jackass. It is the equivalent to punch at a party. It has no kick, but why not!? It's a great filler read.

A Shade of Vampire – Free site Book

Like Lays potato chips before dinner I snack before dinner. Didn't like: Modelesque boy that Sofia loves for reasons unbeknownst to me.

I hate the scenes with them 3 The harem thing isn't utilized, like at all. It's more a prop as opposed to a plot point. This is more a prequel than anything. Albeit a shitty, nondescript one. A prequel should set the stage. This does not. It feels like I'm viewing a dress rehearsal.

And yes, there's insta-attraction, but it was handled well, in my opinion.

We'll see if book two works out these issues. Yes, I thought it was good enough to read on. Original comments: Just saw an article on Facebook hailing this as the next "Twilight" Now I'm afraid to touch it. It's free on site unlimited, though. Decisions, decisions View all 6 comments. Jan 31, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: This book totally took me by surprise, in a good way!

With a brave and determined heroine, sexy vampire brothers with a bitter rivalry that is shaping their fate mmm, hello Damon and Stefan.. I've already stopped even thinking or dreaming of a life that didn't have Derek Novak in it. We don't see the sexy hero first, the heroine doesn't fall head over heels for his sparkly skin the minute their eyes meet, and the danger, rather than from other creatures or the humans that hunt them, is from within.

In fact, our first glimpse into the world of Bella Forrest's vampires is the tempting morsel himself, older brother Lucas of the Novak family of vamps.

He's cruel, selfish, and abusive of his power, and he's destined to wreak havoc as this series moves forward! But despite the evil that Lucas represents, he is still the brother to beautiful Viviene and the gorgeous, troubled Derek not exactly a name from the s, but I digress , the vampire destined to bring change to their kind.

He took a year-long nap to try and avoid it, but he's back and knows what is resting on his shoulders. And just like in the fairy tales, a kiss of true love will be the beginning of it all.

Beautiful Sofia, captured and kept prisoner on their island of vampires and human slaves, found herself just as mesmerized by the great Derek as he was of her. I loved Derek and Sofia's relationship, it was allowed to grow slowly and show how they began to fall for each other despite her obvious reasons for wanting to hate him.

With Lucas looming as a constant threat to her safety, I couldn't help but wish Derek would just throw caution to the wind and play on that awesome chemistry between them! It was a sweet but passionate romance even though he was holding back for her sake; by the time the end rolled around and I was blown over by a heart-wrenching moment and the twist that left me screaming Overall, great new vampire series with captivating characters and a storyline that's sure to keep readers hooked for the long haul!

May 04, Mona rated it it was amazing. Reading the description of this book made me think meh The description gave me a completely different picture in my mind as to what I ended up reading.

I was drawn in from start to finish and felt disappointed that it ended so soon that I didn't hesitate to download the next book straight after.

I really liked that the drama starts so early in the book and doesn't drag on about the past Reading the description of this book made me think meh I really liked that the drama starts so early in the book and doesn't drag on about the past and the descriptions on everything surrounding the characters.

What I loved the most about this story is the fact that Sofia stayed true to herself and didn't change for Derek.

Its as though she changed him and to the better.

Series by cover

For a short story I didn't feel that their love was rushed but actually grew in time. In my experience when reading a book if it makes me feel fear, anxiety, happiness and love all at the same time, then that's a truly great read for me: Dec 02, Vanessa rated it did not like it Shelves: I was kinda excited to find something new.

It was a trap. Sofia is our red-haired, green-eyed young woman vacationing with a friend's family when she's abducted on the night of her 17th birthday. Derek is the year old vampire prince just woken from a four century slumber and given his own harem of beautiful human women, of whom Sofia is included. If I could go deeper into plot and character, I would. If I could. The story is predictable simply because there isn't anything more to it than what I mentioned above.

So Derek and Sofia are thrown together and for some unknown reason they intrigue each other. No reason, really. Even though we do get a lot of sappy contrived interactions between them.

Sofia doesn't seem afraid for her life, even if she does make a token escape attempt. She adjusts to her new role as slave pretty easily. Derek doesn't seem like a vampire other than he craves blood and is strong, which makes the vampire culture really bland. Why is Derek a vampire prince?

Because of some vaguely explained thing he did five hundred years ago. So who's been in charge for the years he's been asleep? Why does Derek not seem to have an occupation although they talk about getting rid of those pesky hunters?

And why are vampires holding so much stock in a prophecy? Why do fantasy writers still use such contrived methods to create tension?

I don't know. They spend the book at this vampire sanctuary Derek's family built while he was sleeping. It's some island no idea where with beautiful forests, and because of a witch it exists in perpetual night. How do the trees stay living after years of perpetual night?

Why would vampires feel the need to build penthouse apartments in redwood and sequoia trees? Why end it with a confusing cliffhanger? Why are there no answers to these questions? Because I don't think the author knows the answers to them, either. The prose is amateurish, the dialogue is expositional yet tells me nothing, the descriptions are ham-handed and lack originality. Recommended Age: None Violence: So lame it's a comedy Sex: View all 3 comments. I have to honestly say that this was very very enjoyable.

Quick, clean, well written, nicely drawn characters, reasonable plot, interesting world building, no over the top unnecessary gibberish just to jazz up a vampire PNR book, no insta-love syndrome.

Didn't know what to expect and stayed away from any reviews so as not to spoil the story. Went into it without any expectations other than the fact that readers seemed to like it as the ratings were fairly high. Got this great little book for fre I have to honestly say that this was very very enjoyable. Got this great little book for free and have to say that it was a very pleasant surprise and will most definitely be looking for the next book from this author.

So great to be able to discover yet another fantastic indie author. Nov 06, Alaina rated it really liked it Shelves: Ya know Maybe it's because A Shade of Vampire reminded me of some vampy tv shows but I ended up liking this book. It was definitely fast paces, but that might've just been me and my sprinting. In this book, you will meet Sofia. She's at a party one night and something happens between her and her best friend Ben.

I guess they were going to take their relationship to the next level.. Well, she walks out crying and ends up at the beach. From there, she runs in Ya know From there, she runs into Lucas.

The next day maybe she wakes up. She's been kidnapped and she is thrown into this vampire harem for the waking prince. Once he awakes.. It was interesting to see that happen and I wanted to know more about them. They were cute and adorable. I'm just waiting for something to happen, like other than that kiss I got at the end. I want more from them. They got closer throughout this book - which, if I'm being honest would've probably happened to anyone that was kidnapped and constantly has their life threatened.

I totally called that ending though but I also can't wait to dive into the next book. Jun 29, Camila, the opinionated Catruler rated it did not like it Shelves: I am so incredibly sorry. I really am. A couple of months ago I entered a giveaway to win this book, which I did not do. However, the author approached me with the opportunity to read it in exchange of an honest review. Well, the honest to Rowling truth is that the book what I read bored me.

The writing wasn't necessarily bad, and maybe if I had continued the story and characters would have gotten better. But what's the point in reading a book that's simply not for you? Or maybe it wasn't the time.

Anyway, I just didn't really enjoy it. If you want the specifics, the two main characters were whiny people or vamp who tried too hard. At least Cinderella's Prince wasn't that broody.

They were physically perfect for each other, and had insta-love. I dare you tell me that wasn't completely unrealistic and irrational. He was violating her, yet it didn't feel that way for her. He had always had drinking problems, but the moment she speaks a few words he gets over his urge. I've been known to love cases of insta-attraction, sometimes not even seeing it as that until someone mentioned it.

This was just too much. The world-building had potential, and yet I was once again bored by how it was presented. Not one for info dumps. Not one for insta-love. Not one for cheesy writing. Not one for a quick pace that feels slow. I'm just not the girl for this book, but you might me. I want to truthfully thank Bella Forrest for giving me the chance. Possibly the wrong chick, sorry about that. Sep 12, Maria Dimitrova rated it it was ok Shelves: One day, many months ago, in a fit of insanity I got this while it was on some sort of a sale.

And today I had some free time. So I though "Why the hell not". And while it was not awful it was definitely boring. And flat. And I couldn't muster any sympathy for Sofia. Or any feeling other than mild disgust about Derek. So I know I won't pick up the rest of the series. Especially seeing as to how many of them there are.

A Shade of Vampire

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Yeah, I was an idiot for wasting time and money on this. Sort order. A Fork of Paths by Bella Forrest. Please kill me. Book 3.


I mean, c'mon , I don't believe this