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Sathiya Sothanai Tamil Book

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Sathya Sothanai(Tamil) - Mahatma Gandhi. Exclusive Onbooks Books To Read Online, Read Books, Reading Online, Mahatma Gandhi, Collections. The capability of reading and other personal skills get improves on reading this Sathya Sothanai by Mahatma Gandhi This book is available in Tamil with high. Tamil Books Title Search. Book Title Search Book Title Search. Recent Searches: ENGE Book Details. சத்திய சோதனை. SATHYA SOTHANAI.

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Running aramichu naalu naal thaan achu, kaala vodachiputangale!! Herr Sesemann's house is in a small town in Frankfurt and is very big.

When Heidi first arrives, she stares in awe at the big house. The house has many rooms and Heidi has her own room. The place is so elegant that Heidi feels as if she doesn't belong there at all. All around the house, there are stony streets and walls which Heidi doesn't like. Her aunt takes her up the mountains to live with her grandfather and she loves to be there. She soon wins her grandfather's affection and love.

She loves to wander freely about the mountains with Peter, the goatherd, and the goats. During the winter months, Peter has to go to school and Heidi stays at home with her grandfather. One day, Peter invites her home to meet his grandmother. Heidi spends her days playing with her grandfather and visiting Peter's house. The Alm-Uncle gets upset and tells Dete that she and Heidi should not come to his house again.

Dete tricks Heidi saying she will come back tomorrow and persuades her into leaving. Heidi goes to Herr Sesemann's house and assists Klara, Herr Sesemann's daughter, to study but she herself does not learn to read.

Heidi keeps thinking that she will go home but she never does. One day, when Herr Sesemann comes home, he brings Heidi a book with many bright pictures. One picture catches Heidi's eyes as it is a picture of the meadows and mountains. She is inspired by this to learn to read and soon she masters it. A few weeks after Herr Sesemann leaves, some strange things happen in the house. First, Fraulein Rottenmeier thinks it is a thief but soon finds out it isn't because there was nothing missing.

One night, one of the servants decides he has to get to the bottom of it. He sees a pale white figure and gets really scared. He tells Fraulein Rottenmeier that a ghost is there in the house.

Klara also comes to know of it and says that she needs Herr Sesemann in the house. Herr Sesemann comes back and decides to call his old friend, the doctor, to his house to search for the ghost. They too see the white figure and later find that it's Heidi!

The doctor brings Heidi back to her room and asks her how she got down. She says that she doesn't know and also says she dreams that she is with her grandfather every night and when she wakes up she is down there. Heidi goes to sleep and the doctor goes to talk with Herr Sesemann.

He tells him that Heidi had been sleepwalking and she really needed to go home for her health. Herr Sesemann was really upset because a child had been wasting time at his house and nobody had noticed it. He decides to send Heidi home with Sebastian, the servant, that day itself. She goes to the mountains and first goes to meet "The Grandmother" and reads some of the hymns in her book. Next she goes to her grandfather and hugs him.

The Alm-Uncle goes to check on her ten times in the night.

Her grandfather had read in the letter Herr Sesemann had sent him that she was sleepwalking and didn't want her to hurt herself. But she was sleeping peacefully. Her wandering was finally over.

Sathya Sothanai

She was at home. I did not want to put the book down after I started reading it. I will recommend it to all my friends. The vocabulary that the author used was very simple and would be easy even for six to eight year olds to read.

Gandhi And book is ready for download!!!

The author had originally written it in German and someone else has translated it to English. Heidi's feelings are beautifully expressed and we can relate to them. The author has also described the Alps as a very beautiful place and we can picture it. The book has very bold font throughout so that it is very easy to read and understand the words.

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The plot is very nicely described and we can get a clear picture in our minds of whatever Heidi does. I think that the plot was a really imaginative one but it could happen in real life. The plot was one of my favourites and I will remember it as it had so many great moments. There weren't many humourous moments but at the same time it was very jovial.

My favourite characters were Heidi and Klara. Heidi was really sweet and respectful to everyone. She is very smart for an eight-year old and loves her grandfather and "The Grandmother" dearly. Klara is a twelve year old girl who can't leave her wheelchair and she is very kind to Heidi. She likes Heidi as if she is her own sister.


Klara always keeps up her promises and likes kittens very much.Chennai: Pari Nilayam, Ilangovin Adichuvattil. Chennai: Pathitru Pathu Thelivuraiudan.

Chennai: Irubatham Nootrandu Chitrilakkiyangal. Both Tolstoy and Gandhi shared a philosophy of non-violence and Tolstoy's harsh critique of human society resonated with Gandhi's outrage at racism in South Africa. Chennai: Manivashagar Barathiyaar Kavithaigal.