Dresden Files 04 Summer Knight · Read more Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, Book 6) (The Dresden Files Series Book 6). Read more. TheDresden Files Summer Knight By Jim Butcher Chapter One It rained toads the day the White Council came to town. I got. EBOOK @PDF Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, Book 4) EPUB Click button below to download or read this book. Description In the fourth.

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It rained toads the day the White Council came to town. I got out of the Blue Beetle, my beat-up old Volkswagen Bug, and squinted against. As promised, the latest book in the reread, Summer Knight, is the best in the series so far. While we've seen faeries in the Dresden Files before. Summer Knight book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. For the 1st printing edition of this ISBN, see beijuaganette.gq DRESDE.

I lifted my left hand towards the truck and drew in my will, focusing it with the bracelet into a sudden, transparent shimmering half-globe that spread out between me and the oncoming truck.

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The truck ground to a halt. With all the fire discipline of an action movie extra, they pointed their guns more or less at me and emptied their clips in one roaring burst. Sparks flew from the shield in front of me, and bullets whined and hissed in every direction as they ricocheted. My bracelet grew uncomfortably warm in the space of a second or two, the energy of the shield taxing the focus to its limit. I tried to angle the shield to deflect the shots up into the air as much as possible.

The guns clicked empty. With jerky, unprofessional motions, both gunmen began to reload. The silver ring I wore on my index finger had been enchanted to save back a little kinetic energy whenever my arm moved.

That much force could kill one of them, and that would be just the same as letting them fill me full of bullets. It would just take a little longer to set in. The White Council did not take kindly to anyone violating the First Law of Magic: thou shalt not kill.

I gritted my teeth and focused my shot just to one side of the gunmen and triggered the ring. Raw force, unseen but tangible, lashed through the air and caught the first gunman a glancing blow across his upper body. His automatic slammed against his chest, and the impact tore the sunglasses from his head and shredded bits of his clothes, even as it flung him back and out of the pickup, to land somewhere on the ground on the other side.

The second gunman got less of the blast. What did hit him struck against his shoulder and head. He held onto his gun, but lost the sunglasses, and they took the ski mask with them. As the kid with the gun started shooting again, I flicked a look back over my shoulder.

The old lady with her shopping basket had stopped maybe fifteen feet behind me. I caught a flicker of cool, dark eyes beneath age make-up. Her hands were young. She came out of the shopping basket with a sawed off shotgun, and swung it towards me. Bullets from the chattering automatic slammed against my shield, and it was all I could do to hold it in place.

On the other hand, if the disguised assassin got to fire that shotgun from five yards off, no one would bother taking me to the hospital. I was screwed. Probably Billy along with me. Billy moved. He dove forward, towards the woman with the shotgun, and stripped out of his sweats on the fly. He was naked beneath. I felt the surge of magic Billy used then—sharp, precise, focused. There was no sense of ritual in what he did, no slow gathering of power building to release.

He blurred, as he moved, and between one breath and the next, Billy-the-Naked was gone and Billy-the-Wolf slammed into the assailant, a dark-furred beast the size of a Great Dane, fangs slashing at the hand that gripped the forward stock of the shotgun. She cried out, jerking her hand back, scarlet blood on her fingers, and swept the gun at Billy like a club. He twisted and caught the blow on his shoulders, a snarl exploding from him.

The woman screamed again, and drew back her hand. Her hands distended, lengthening, as did her shoulders, her jaws. Her nails lengthened into ugly, ragged talons, and she raked them down at Billy, striking him across the jaws, this time eliciting a pained yelp mixed with a snarl.

The gunman in the truck clicked on empty again. I dropped the shield and hurled myself forward, diving to grip the shotgun. I pressed the gun hard against my shoulder, pointed it at her belly and pulled the trigger. The gun roared and bucked, slamming hard against my shoulder. Ten gauge, maybe, or slug rounds.

The woman doubled over abruptly, letting out a shriek, and stumbled backward and to the ground. She sprinted past me, to the truck, leaping up into the back.

Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, Book 4)

The gunman hauled his partner back into the truck with him, and the driver gunned the engine. The truck threw out some turf before it dug in, jounced back onto the street, and whipped away into traffic.

I stared after it for a second, panting. I lowered the shotgun, realizing as I did that I had somehow managed to keep hold of the toad I had picked up in my left hand.

It wriggled and struggled in a fashion that suggested that I had been close to crushing it, and I tried to ease up on my grip without losing it. I turned to look for Billy.

Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, Book 4)

The wolf paced back over to his discarded sweat pants, shimmered for a second, and became once more the naked young man. There were two long cuts on his face, parallel with his jaw. Blood ran down over his throat in a fine sheet.

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Billy carried himself tensely, but it was the only indication he gave of the pain. He nodded, and jerked on his pants, his shirt. What the hell was that? Is it dead? They recover from just about anything. Can you walk? I picked up the cloth sack of toads on the way there, and started shaking them back out onto the ground. Then I wiped my hand off on the grass. Billy squinted at me. I fetched the first aid kit from under my seat, and passed it over to him.

Billy pressed a cloth against his face, squinting out at the toads. What was the name? Maybe I should clean up first. I sighed.

It wheezed a little, but I coaxed it to life. Just then, something hit my hood with a hard, heavy thump. Then again.

Another heavy blow, on the roof. I feeling of dizziness swept over me, a nausea that came so suddenly and violently that I clutched the steering wheel in a simple effort not to collapse. Distantly, I could hear Billy asking me if I was all right. Power moved and stirred in the air outside—hectic disruption, the forces of magic, usually moving in smooth and quiet patterns, suddenly cast into tumult, disruptive, maddening chaos. I tried to push the sensations away from me, and labored to open my eyes.

Toads were raining down. Not occasionally plopping, but raining down so thick and hard that they darkened the sky. No gentle laundry-chute drop for these poor things, either.

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They fell like hailstones, splattering on concrete, on the hood of the Beetle. They goad him into answering his own questions, realizing that Aurora killed the Summer Knight and transferred his mantle to Lily, who she then turned to stone. They give him a Cloth of Unraveling to release Lily.

Aurora ambushes Dresden and takes him prisoner, aided by Elaine and by the Winter Knight, who she has suborned. Aurora intends to ritually sacrifice Lily on the Stone Table, transferring the power of the mantle to the Winter Sidhe and breaking the unending cycle of struggle between the Faerie Courts. Elaine covertly betrays Aurora, leaving Dresden an escape route from Aurora's sorcerous deathtrap. During the battle between the Courts, Dresden confronts Aurora, who dies at the hands of pixies armed by him with cold steel.

Mab offers Dresden the mantle of the Winter Knight, which he declines. Queen Mab grants safe passage to the White Council of the wizards, enabling Dresden to pass his Trial. Critical reception has been positive. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: The Dresden Files characters. Sunday, June 01st ".

New York Times. Retrieved 16 October Library Journal. SF Site. Book 4, Summer Knight". Bibliography by Jim Butcher. Groups Seven Laws of Magic. The Aeronaut's Windlass. Retrieved from " https:I am not someone who gets attached to characters - especially not in 1st person book - but while I cared about Harry in books , here he is just a comic cardboard thing that recycles names of brands and cheap food and cliche sayings from the late 80s like it's a sponsored MTV clip.

Billy pressed a cloth against his face, squinting out at the toads. It's about Harry being tired and harried by the evil faeries, and too many fight scenes aga Average, 3 stars.

The truck ground to a halt.

I don't want to hear his lascivious objectification of every woman every time they enter a scene. Bibliography by Jim Butcher.