Watermarked PDF. $ Fair Trade is a one-shot Rotted Capes Issue where the Heroes are caught between the dealings of two enclaves and. Rotted Capes - Death Never Held So Much Power! The Golden Age of Watermarked PDF. $ Rotted Capes - Survivor's Guide, vol. I. Electronic format fans, we have you covered! The PDF version of Rotted Capes Core Rulebook is now available for download. On sale now in.

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Sheets with Character Creation Worksheet! Fast Play PDF. Rotted Capes. Rotted Capes Character Sheet v Rotted Capes pre-generated characters. Hero's persona: Tagline: PersonalitY FLAWS: resolve. lOGIC. Insight. Charisma. Vigor. Quickness. Prowess. Score dIE. pASS. Might. Avoidance fortitude. The Golden Age of Superheroes has ended, not with a BANG, but with a BITE! The Dead overran the world and humanity's protectors are missing, dead or worst .

This inflicts another Wound and also partly explains why heroes and villains from the Glory Days continue to wear their costumes four years on from Z-Day—the costumes hide the burn scars! In addition to defending against rival Enclaves and their superpowered protectors, the player characters must also defend against zombies.

Not only ordinary zombies, but also zombies with blades instead of hands, zombies who can phase through walls, and zombies that can sneak! This in addition to the bystanders who possess the powerful Ultra-Gene, but never transformed into heroes or villains in the Glory Days, but infected by the Z-virus since Z-Day, have transformed into inhuman Abominations!

These are former heroes or villains who have been infected by the Z-virus and transformed into a Super Zombie. Typically they retain their superpowers and their intelligence, but not their morality.

Occasionally they will form wolf packs, but in general they are extremely territorial lone wolves who enjoy hunting the living. This is one reason why most Enclaves try and remain hidden.

Rotted Capes PDF now Available!

The default setting for Rotted Capes is Paradigm City, which has the feel of a generic Midwest American city—like a slimmed down version of Chicago. Its description is rather broad, but still with enough details for the Editor-in-Chief to use each of its neighbourhoods and particular locations in a game.

Of course Paradigm City is not just any city. Before Z-Day it was home to an array of superheroes and super-villains. What this means is that there still secrets of Paradigm City waiting to be revealed, both mundane and outre, that is if the surviving characters can get past the cadaver cavalcade between them and those secrets.

Where Rotted Capes really shines is in its discussion of its tropes—both sets of them. One set is of course from the Four Colour subgenres of superheroes, the other the zombie apocalypse horror subgenre, and Rotted Capes not only discusses both, it also looks the tropes created when the two sub-genres merge to form Rotted Capes.

This discussion is accompanied by an equally as good discussion of Rotted Capes scenarios and campaigns, of possible campaign styles, and of the possible types of Enclaves and how they affect play.

Where Rotted Capes does come up short is that its superhero half is not a wholly Four Colour superhero setting. It is a very humanocentric, pseudo-scientific setting, so there is no magic or rules for magic—despite the colour text suggesting that there should be—and there are no rules for playing aliens, robots, and the like. Again, this despite their being written into some of the background about the Glory Days before Z-Day. Unfortunately, Rotted Capes does need another edit, though this is not to say that the writing lacks clarity.

The fact that it was funded via Kickstarter gives rise to the oddity of the artwork depicting lots of bearded and bespectacled Americans.

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Nevertheless, Rotted Capes is a nice looking book and the artwork is mix of the bloody and the brutal with the Four Colour. Rotted Capes could be a superhero RPG and it would be okay. It could be a zombie apocalypse RPG and it would be just about okay.

Although it may look like a novelty, Rotted Capes brings a freshness to both genres with challenges that will not have been seen in either before.

Rotted Capes Threat - Xaal of Magga.

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