Crisis on Infinite Earths 12 (of 12) (). January 1, → Crisis on Infinite Earths 10 (of 12) (). January 1, →. Crisis on Infinite Earths is a comic book crossover storyline published by DC Comics from to It consists of an eponymous issue. Crisis On Infinite Earths – 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition () Crisis On Infinite Earths was DC Comics attempt to consolidate years of stories into a single .

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CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHSBY MARV WOLFMANibooks new yorkDISTRIBUTED BY SIMON & SCHUSTE. and incidents mentioned in the magazine cine entirely fictional. Al characters tortured in this issue and the distinctive likenesses thereof ar trademarks of DC. Download at: Crisis On Infinite Earths 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition pdf download Crisis.

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Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. LydiaMartiny Follow. I was watching my future, a future as certain as the past. And in that future I was Monty Python's dead parrot singing in that invisible choir. End of story. Done deal. Over and out. Still, I can barely explain what went through my mind that very first time.

Of course there was denial. The body? It had to be some other Flash from some other Earth. No way it was me. But of course it was. I was alive and I was watching myself die like it was a movie trailer for my death, coming soon to a cemetery near you. How was it possible?

Will Legends join Arrowverse's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover?

Just an instant before I was with my wife, Iris. How could I have been there and then, in the next moment, gone? The well documented stages of denial: I saw. I refused to believe. Then I screamed. I cursed even though there was no one to hear me, but I cursed, which I didn't do often. I ran away. I came back but my body was already gone, dissolved into nothingness, only my ring and my uniform, my tattered uniform, remained.

And all that happened in a singular. Time stood still, but I was used to that. My internal clock regularly moved faster than imagination. Unless I concentrated and forced myself to slow down and live in the real world, everything around me moved in slow motion; all sounds deepened and stretched long, impossible to understand.

Marv Wolfman I stared at that empty place where I died less than a second before and I heard myself crying and laughing and chattering. Then I broke free and ran away as fast as I could and this time I didn't come back.

That was my virgin death experience. The second time I saw myself die was only marginally better. I still refused to believe what happened, but my brain was slowly grinding its way into gear.

That was me who had died. Or who will die. Thought one: Since this was obviously taking place in the future, was it possible I could prevent it? Thought two: No. My future was set. You can't change the future. I was dead. Live with it. Thoughts three through six: What killed me?

Was I the only one affected? Were there others? How could I help them? As my body crumbled to ash, I again went into shock. I tried to fight my way out of it, but found that I couldn't.

Instead, I sped up my metabolism and pushed my way through. I'm dead. Get over it. Do something about it. Which is what I did. The third time, this last time, I was finally able to separate myself from the experience. Barry Allen was a forensic scientist.

I needed to study my death. Analyze it. Learn from it. Then use what I learned to help others.

That's what I did as a scientist. That's what I do as a person. As my flesh disintegrated, I observed burn marks at the ragged edges. They weren't caused by fire. Assuming the power necessary to disintegrate flesh and bone, I decided I'd been attacked by some sort of energy blast. Been there, I thought, though not exactly with this result. I've led a life others would call science fiction, and energy blasts, the good kind and the bad, were definitely part of it.

I thought about and quickly dismissed the usual suspects: Mirror Master? No way. He would turn me into plate glass if given the chance, but energy bolts? Not his M. The Pied Piper? He'd play a tune on his flute and force me to take a long run off a short pier. Captain Cold? He'd love to turn me into a Flashsicle. But burning me? Definitely not his style. I knew the Cheetah, if given the chance, would strangle the life out of Wonder Woman and the Joker would gladly put a bullet into Batman, but I'd always taken some sort of perverse pride knowing my rogue's gallery of foes seemed to possess a greater theatricality in orchestrating their attacks.

Crisis on Infinite Earths It never prevented me from stopping them as quickly as I could, but their ingeniously complex plans actually made my battles with them a little more interesting than taking on your common variety thug.

This attack, however, was devoid of their usually demented elan, which proved to me none of them were responsible. I wasn't getting anywhere.

I knew how I died, so, for the present, I put aside the who. My next question was: where did I die? That was when I realized the world surrounding me was out of focus. There was light and color, but everything was swirling around me like I was inside a kaleidoscope. Images blurred past faster than even I could see, and it wasn't just the world that was moving. I was running faster than sound, faster than light, faster than I'd ever attempted before, and I didn't even know it.

I wasn't on Earth. I wasn't in space. I was in some place I'd never been. I also accepted that I was very calm, as if I belonged here. Although I knew I would soon be dead, at this precise moment I still existed. I wasn't in heaven and my calmness belied any possibility of this being hell. So, where was here? And how did I get here? Suddenly, I remembered. The wall of white energy. Two I want to talk about Iris. She was a reporter, I was a policeman. We met over the death of a mobster; she was hunting for a juicy murder story, but I ruled his death a mundane suicide.

She distrusted cops; we existed to make her job difficult. I disliked reporters; they cared less for facts than for headlines. We were natural enemies. She glared at me. Just say yes and I'll be out of your crew cut in thirty seconds.

Trust me, he'll still be dead. You are the most obnoxious, conceited It was obvious she was beautiful, which was in no way a turn-off, but there was a fierce intelligence behind her bright hazel-green eyes as well as a deep, wicked gleam that told me this was a woman who enjoyed her life.

Iris had a cutting, dirty sense of humor and was easily the only woman who ever made me laugh. It's not that she told jokes per se, she just saw the world in a peculiar skewed way that The myth of the science geek with his nose permanently buried in a Crisis on Infinite Earths book, test tube in hand, who couldn't get a date even if he paid for one didn't hold true for me. I'd dated a number of beautiful girls both in high school and college, but Iris was the kind of beautiful I couldn't get out of my mind.

Not that I let her know that on our first date. Or the second. Or maybe never enough. I tend not to let my emotions show all that often. That's one of those science geek myths that is true. I don't know anyone who can explain why one falls in love. We certainly shared a few interests, especially movies and music, but we rarely had the same opinions. Opposite ends of the spectrum. I was into impressionism. She could talk for hours about dada and I still wouldn't get it.

She was a reporter who had extensively traveled the world while I was pretty much a homebody stuck in Central City and generally pleased to be there. I was fairly quiet while Iris, well, quiet wasn't one of those adjectives that readily came to mind. Though we were obviously drawn to each other, it shouldn't, by all rights, have worked out. If I have any regrets it's that we dated for far too long.

Why hadn't I proposed to her after that first picnic lunch? Or during dinner the next night or any time over the next few years? There were so many opportunities and I wasted them all. What was I waiting for? The answer should have been obvious. As fast as I am now, that's how slow I used to be.

Slow, as in methodical. Take your time, Barry. Be sure before you make a move. Double-check your findings. Then check them all over again. A necessity in science. A preposterous waste of precious time in life. What would we have been like if we'd gotten married before the lightning shattered those bottles, spraying me with a catalogue of chemicals, turning me into some kind of speed-freak? Would we have had kids?

How old would they be today? Would our lives have been gingerbread, picket-fence normal or would we have been touring the world always in search of a new adventure? I could easily see myself at her side, going wherever the new story was, meeting sultans and pirates and Usually I don't dwell on those woulda, coulda, shouldas, those life journey regrets; can't change the past, they always say.

Change the past. And change the future. I had to change the future. That wall, that wall of white energy. Whatever it touched disintegrated instantly. The newscasts said one million died in the first twenty minutes. I know that estimate was low. I kissed Iris goodbye, said I'd be back as quickly as I could, then I took off at near light speed. The wall was more than two hundred feet high and a half mile wide. Skyscrapers disappeared as it engulfed them. And people, they just ceased to be.

A beating heart. A life. A child. An elderly couple. A young woman. A frightened man. One moment, a plea for help. The next, nothing. I saved more than one hundred only to see them vanish a heartbeat later in that terrible white wall.

Their deaths were horribly that simple. Then it came for me. I turned to run but I was surrounded. I sped up my metabolism, hoping to put on enough speed to burst through to the other side. But it was impossible.

I was surrounded by silent whiteness. I thought of Iris. The antimatter would soon be coming for her, too. She may already be dead. For a nanosecond I felt impossibly cold. Then I felt nothing. My last thought was that I hadn't told her how much I loved her. Alexander Luthor Earth—3 lexander Luthor didn't know that in the cosmic crisis already in motion his universe and his world were about to be destroyed, He was also unaware that he had a doppelganger on a world called Earth-1, Lex Luthor, a criminal mastermind who fought a great hero named Superman.

Alex would have been further stunned to know there was a second version of himself on Earth-2, this one an insane scientist named Alexei Luthor. That Luthor would have been more than anxious to destroy his planet, and himself, if it also meant the elimination of his long-fought rival, a much older and slightly less powerful Superman.

Alex's planet, which would be known as Earth-3, was one of the many anomalies that existed in the multiverse. His world was ruled by superpowered criminals such as Ultraman, his world's Superman; Power Ring, Earth-3's Green Lantern, and Owlman, Batman's genetic double, among others.

Unlike the rest of those on his planet, Alexander Luthor, who shared a tenuous DNA relationship with all the other Luthors in the multiverse, had no criminal inclinations. He was a scientist, inarguably his Earth's greatest. He was twenty-two when he discovered a permanent cure for the six deadliest forms of cancer. By twenty-six, he had eliminated most genetic diseases and by twenty-nine, he had perfected an inexpensive desalinization process.

As long as Alex didn't interfere with the Crime Syndicate, which is what Ultraman and the other villains called themselves, he was left alone to do whatever he wanted.

A 14 Marv Wolfman Alex was the first to note the temperature changes that suddenly overtook Earth The polar ice cap was melting at a rate greater than global warming would have suggested. Countries within a thousand miles of the north and south poles sweltered under unbearable heat and humidity while a sudden, blistering ice storm circled the globe at the equator. Tornadoes ravaged central Europe and hurricanes blew terrible winds and rain over the deserts. The red skies came next.

They blanketed the globe, blotting out the sun and stars, casting the world in a deep, dark scarlet haze. Luthor investigated the aberration but found nothing wrong. Yes, the sky was red, but no, there were no apparent toxins in the air, no discernable reason for the change.

What was going on? Luthor returned home to his wife, the former Lois Lane.

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In school he never thought of himself as a ladies man; as far as he was concerned he was a living cliche with his nose always buried in his books. For a long time he preferred it that way.

Lois was a fledgling reporter assigned to do a Sunday supplement fluff piece on Alex Luthor, the world-famous inventor of the flying car. Sitting down on the couch across from her, he thought she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, which, by his own twisted logic, meant she was better than him. As he stared at her, stammering his way through her questions, he kept repeating his mantra: O.

Still, she was surprisingly easy to talk to. Within fifteen minutes Lois had already set her sights on him.

She had three qualities that she demanded in a man. Thus far everyone she had ever dated failed them all. Luthor had not. A: The man was incredibly intelligent. He could talk about anything, and the way he told his stories, pulling in facts here and adding bits of arcane information there, made them both riveting and funny.

That also covered her B requirement: he made her laugh. Most men made her gag. C: The last but most important quality: He was honest. On Earth-3 that was a commodity desperately hard to find. That his beautifully shaped bald head, framed by that perfectly trimmed red beard, made him drop dead gorgeous, was a nice bonus, but nothing more. The more he pulled away, the more she pushed her way through his stammering and shyness until they both were in love.

She knew what she wanted even if he did not. Crisis on Infinite Earths 15 He liked her even before she put on her glasses and began their interview. She was smart; he had read her columns and knew that before they met, but she actually laughed at his stupid jokes.

Not even his mother did that. But more important, he could talk to her about anything. Alex had always been shy, preferring test tubes to talk, but Lois drew him out the way nobody else ever had. It wasn't a surprise to any of their friends that they married less than four months after that first meeting. Nothing's happening today. I feel great.

He was hopeless. She was pregnant with their first child, and was more beautiful than Alex could remember. Dinner was meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, and glazed carrots. She also prepared a chocolate souffle for dessert. Not their usual fare, but Lois was feeling especially edgy; she spent the day cooking and cleaning, not something she ever enjoyed doing. She was nesting, which she knew meant the baby was due any minute. The weather patterns are insane. They were his favorite, but his mind was elsewhere.

There's no reason for the sudden polar warming or the tornadoes or any of it. And those red skies. God, nothing makes any sense. She exerted an eerie calming effect that let his mind wander until the solution, as if from nowhere, suddenly came, full blown.

She took his hand and led him to their bedroom. You need a snuggle. I can tell" Lois laughed. Feel his kick. Definitely a boy. He wondered. Weather anomalies? Red skies? Were they a harbinger of something else? He turned to Lois but she was already asleep. She needs it. Alex went to his study, softly closed the door, and poured himself some coffee. Skies don't color shift without reason. Something weird 16 Marv Wolfman was happening, but he had no idea what.

He checked his security alarm. The warning light was glowing a steady, safe green. Who are you? Three I knew I wasn't on Earth but I also wasn't in space. There was no ground under me, yet I was able to run.

Actually, I couldn't stop running. Without any effort on my part, my speed kept increasing. I was surrounded by silence, which usually meant I was running faster than sound. A moment later everything went white; I was faster than light. It was impossible, but I kept picking up speed, running even faster.

Images appeared in the shifting patterns of light and shade: Superman. He was crying. The man I knew was impossibly strong, physically and spiritually.

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What could possibly have happened to him? Kid Flash, Wally, my nephew, was also in tears, holding my ring in his hand. Next to him was the Psycho Pirate, one of our Justice League enemies. There were more images, each overlapping the other like a cartoon flip book.

Green Lantern was fighting some sort of black, featureless shadow creature. What was it? Jay Garrick, the Flash of Earth-2, was surrounded by hundreds of the same shadow things. Batman was battling the Joker.

Suddenly, both of them looked at me. Supergirl was flying toward Gotham City. I saw Captain Marvel. I knew he was from Earth-S. He was also fighting a shadow creature. Alongside him was the Robin of Earth How was that possible? What could have brought them together? I saw heroes I knew who lived in the future and some who came from the past. They were all besieged by even more of those living shadows. What were they? Where did they come from? There were people I didn't know: A green cloaked figure with dark, frightened eyes.

A woman, blond-haired, dressed in blue. She could fly. I saw an infant. Half his body was flesh, but the other half dark as space with stars burning through his skin. Who was he? What was he?

I saw hands reach for the baby, place him inside a ship and then launch it into space. I saw that damned white wall of antimatter again and I heard screams. They were awful and frightening, and then, just as suddenly, there was total silence. I knew somehow that an entire universe had suddenly ceased to exist. Was that even possible? I ran faster as more images spun around me.

I found myself in a dark, stone room. I was a prisoner. Energy bonds restrained me. I struggled against them, trying to break free. Nothing worked. But then, suddenly, I was loose.

I was in another place. Not a room but a cavernous pit. In front of me was a globe of burning energy, fifty feet in diameter, and it was spinning like a top.

As if there were suddenly two of me, I saw myself, my other self, running around the blazing top. What was I doing? I could see myself struggling. Then, suddenly, there was a horrible burst of light and I disintegrated.

I knew then that I was being tossed through time. I was in my laboratory at Central City Police headquarters. It was night. There was a calendar on the wall. Today's date was circled with a notation: Date tonight with Iris.

Don't be late. That was underlined. I knew this date. It was the night that changed my life.

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In three seconds, a lightning bolt would crash through the window and shatter the bottles of chemicals stacked on the shelves above me. In four seconds, the chemicals would shower over me, changing me forever.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 19 I watched myself lying on my office floor, unconscious. When I awoke, I was unaware how my life had changed. I watched as I dried myself off. I was so innocent then. Look at me. I just remembered I was late for my date. I was always late. Time had a way of running away on me. I began to run. Faster and faster. I had no idea what happened, but there I was, outrunning a car. The souls of my shoes were burning. Look at my face; I was afraid. And yet, I was also enjoying myself.

By the time I was able to force myself to stop I had run all the way to Iowa. That look. That's the moment I knew what had happened. As improbable as it may have been, those chemicals were my heavy water. I'd become the Flash. I'd become the super-hero who was my hero. Four T he images continued to rush past me. I was suddenly elsewhere; not on my Earth, but one I'd never seen before. There were heroes here, as there were on so many Earths in the multiverse.

I saw this world's Superman, but he was black. Supergirl was his wife, not his cousin. Hawkman and Hawkgirl were brother and sister, not husband and wife. There was a Batman and Robin here, too, but they were father and son and this Batman had a wife as well as two other children. Wonder Woman and Aquaman were also different.

I found this world's Flash. His name was Tanaka Rei and he was Japanese. His wife was Hoshi. They had two children, a boy and a girl. I watched them playing together, and What if she and I had married earlier?

Would our children be seven and eight, the same as these kids? Would our family be as loving? What if—? What if This world was different from mine, but it was also too much the same. Then I watched this Earth, and its universe, disappear. In an instant it had been destroyed. Was this the fate of my Earth, too?

I was in my lab again, only I was dressed as the Flash instead of in Barry Allen's starched white lab coat. I remembered this day, too. It was several Crisis on Infinite Earths 21 years after the Flash had been born. Standing next to me was Iris's nephew, Wally West. He asked how I became the Flash.

I told him about the accident when—don't ask how—lightning struck again. I knew it was totally impossible. Such things couldn't happen twice. But the very same chemicals that turned me into the Flash also splashed over Wally. He became my partner, Kid Flash. I then found myself in the future and saw the Earth disappear. Just as quickly I was in the past as the white wall of energy swept across ancient Atlantis.

In a fraction of a second the fabled island vanished from existence. Where was I? Why was I being shown the end of all life?

Once swift as lightning, now gone. There was a second voice, softer than the first. A woman. Before the multiverse ends, our essences, your soul, and the speed force itself, will be destroyed. Is that where I am?

Talk to me. It was large and cavernous and through its windows I saw I was not on Earth. Suddenly, the room was filled with hundreds of people. Most were costumed like me. I recognized some: Superman. Green Lantern. All of them had been brought to whatever this place was. I looked around me to figure out where I was, but everything had disappeared. And I was still alone. Five T he one fact I cobbled together was that somewhere the heroes of many Earths would be, or already had been, brought together to fight whatever was destroying the multiverse.

Despots always wanted something. Unlimited wealth, absolute control, or the number one answer: total power. But why would anyone want to destroy entire universes? What would be left for them to control? Who would there be to rule? I understood one other truth: Sometime during this crisis I had been captured and, in trying to escape, killed. Only that would explain Wally finding my costume and ring.

Whatever happened, I'd been shown, much too graphically in fact, that I was not going to survive. I could accept that; I'd been running on borrowed time ever since I first put on my Flash suit. But what I wanted to know was if there was any way I could stop this The voices told me I was already dead.

But my essence, they said it was my soul, was still alive. I was already dead? Not possible. My death was in the future. But if it already happened, did that also mean it wasn't preventable? And if I was murdered, then why didn't I remember it now?

It made no sense. How could I be dead? How could this body just be My soul? I wasn't a very religious man but I certainly believed in God or at least in some kind of almighty spirit. I was killed but I was still here, still thinking. Crisis on Infinite Earths 23 There had to be a reason I didn't vanish from existence. I needed to organize and analyze the facts as I would any puzzle.

It was the only way I could think my way through this. Brain-boy Barry they called me that in high school was hard at work again. I knew I'd been a prisoner. I saw myself chained to a wall and I needed to find out where that took place.

Once I had the where, I might discover the who.

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Question two: why did he hold me prisoner? Why didn't he just kill me right away? Question three: And if I was dead, why didn't I stay dead? There was only one logical answer to my second question: I was needed, or more likely, my super-speed power was needed.

The voices said the speed force would be destroyed even before the multiverse, which I assumed meant the killer was absorbing my super-speed energy to power his weapons. Was that why I was his prisoner? Was that why the speed force was weakening? If this speed force dissipated before I saved the universe would I disappear along with it?

Was there a ticking clock on my saving the multiverse? Slow down. Don't ask questions to which I can't possibly guess the answer. Don't think in terms of saving an infinite number of lives; the task would be too daunting. Concentrate instead on what was possible. Save Iris. Save just one life. Then the others will fall into place. I was still in the speed force watching the past, present, and future scroll by me.

I saw the dawn of man. Before that, I saw an explosion of light, and before that a swirling nothingness. There was nothing before that. The present was constantly shifting, but the future I saw was finite. I saw tomorrow and the year and the millennium after that. But after that there was nothing.

In the future, there was nothing. That future was also moving closer. A year was suddenly shaved off it. Then another. Time was being eaten away.

Did that mean our unknown enemy succeeded? Did that mean we failed to stop him before we could even try? Despite seeing it, the future was not yet written. I knew it could be changed. It had to be changed.

But not from inside the speed force. If there was a chance to affect the outcome, I had to return to the real world. My only question was—how? Pariah—Universe Unknown H e watched the world die as he had countless worlds before. That he was brought here, to Earth by his count, meant there was no hope for its survival. As always, the weather changed drastically, blistering heat and intense cold. Ice caps melted. There were floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes. Hurricanes ravaged cities.

Sadly for him, it was always the same. In the next minutes he would look for the red skies. These were, in of itself, harmless, but, as always, it foretold the planet's final doom. The shadow demons appeared at the same time as the wall of white antimatter. Both swept across the planet and destroyed everything they touched.

But what always bothered him the most were the desperate cries from the people who prayed for a salvation that would never come.

He knew it was only a matter of hours before this universe, and its uncountable population, was erased from existence. Men and women ran in panic, grabbing their children, hoping to find a safe haven.

They couldn't know there was no safe place. And never once, not since this all began, had there been any hope.

His green cloak billowed in the wind, and dust stung his large blackrimed eyes, forcing tears he thought had long ago ran dry. But the heroes were always helpless. Their pain would soon be over, but his, as always, continued. He had sinned and this was his terrible punishment.

He was brought to each universe before it was destroyed and he was forced to watch its people die and hear their final cries. But worst of all, he had to accept that there was nothing he could do. Once again he saw the white wall move silently across the planet, cutting short voices, discriminating against nothing, absorbing everything. Everyone who died was innocent, but the children were the hardest for him to forget.

Every so often one would see him staring helplessly at the destruction. In their innocence, they would reach out and plead with him to take their hand and pull them away from that cold, white wall.

Help me. Don't let me die. Do something. Save me. Save my sister. Save my brother. Save my parents. Save my— As always, Pariah would try, hoping this time would be different but always knowing it never would.

And, as always, he failed. He took a child in his arms as antimatter swept over them. He held her close, hoping his immortal body would protect her. But, as the wall moved on, only he was left standing in the black nothingness. Even the planet he had been standing on was gone. He felt the familiar burning inside his stomach. It told him he was about to be brought to yet another world in yet another universe. And when he got there, he would be forced to watch it die, too. He cried out, "Why me?

As always. Six E ven when I tried, the speed force wouldn't let me stop running. I wanted to slow down, but instead I found myself racing even faster. Strangely, as much as I knew that should have bothered me, it didn't.Not their usual fare, but Lois was feeling especially edgy; she spent the day cooking and cleaning, not something she ever enjoyed doing. Definitely not his style. And in that future I was Monty Python's dead parrot singing in that invisible choir.

Sitting down on the couch across from her, he thought she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, which, by his own twisted logic, meant she was better than him. I didn't want to leave. Skies don't color shift without reason. I was still in the speed force watching the past, present, and future scroll by me.