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“Zero to the Bone”: Thelonious Monk, Emily Dickinson, and the Rhythms of Modernism

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Jane Seville. Zero at the Bone eBook,.

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Certainly, the mechanical behavior of human cortical bone has been investigated in single loading mode, such as unixial tension Dickenson et al.

From these studies, a number of determinants of bone strength and toughness have been identified e. Nonetheless, failure mechanisms are still not fully understood, only with suggestions ranging from microcracks immanating at the lamellar interface Jepsen et al. To better understand the failure mechanisms of bone, we recently developed a progressive loading scheme that could provide detailed information regarding the evolution of mechanical properties over increasing deformation Wang and Nyman, This mechanical test not only detects changes in elastic modulus and stress relaxation with increasing strain but also measures several forms of energy dissipiation related to permanent deformation, hysteresis, and microdamage accumulation i.

In the present study, we applied the progressive scheme to cortical bone from human cadaveric tibiae in order to determine differences in the post-yield behavior and energy dissipation of the tissue in both uniaxial compression and uniaxial tension.

We hypothesize in this study that the mechanism for the post-yield energy dissipation in cortical bone differ between compression and tension. Both tensile and compression specimens were collected from the anterior quadrant of the mid-diaphysis of each tibia. Mechanical testing We conducted both tension and compression tests using the progressive loading scheme described elsewhere Nyman et al.

This method involves a series of cycles of load-dwell-unload-dwell-reload with incremental strains based on the observation that bone biomechanics is dependent on the level of strains Winwood, et al.

Such a scheme allows for measuring elastic, plastic, and viscous responses of bone and estimating the post-yield energy dissipation in different pathways as a function of incremental strains Nyman et al.

In each cycle of progressing loading, the specimen was loaded under displacement control to a designated displacement level at a rate of 0.

This procedure repeated until failure of the bone specimen. Upon establishing a pre-load of 20N, the bone specimen was loaded at a rate of 0. The specimen was next held at the stain level under displacement control for 30s stress relaxation dwell , unloaded to 20N force under load control, held at 20N under load control for 30s, and reloaded to the next level of crosshead displacement.

In the succeeding cycles, the same loading procedure repeated with a series of sequential increment of crosshead displacement, thereby recording changes in the post-yield behavior of the specimen over increasing strain.Cordoba enough to know where to go for dinner, and we were bone-tired by then..

You'd deny a hardworking girl a little eye candy? These tales of Western isolation, male muteness, and extreme physicality—tales of earth and blood but also of ghosts and gods—are crafted with a restraint and accuracy that matches early Thomas McGuane and Richard Ford Ford himself said of Wieland's novel-in-stories that it "pulls off impressively what seems, in practice, almost impossible to do well".

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Zero at the Bone (Zero at the Bone)

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