Old NCERT books PDF available for download. Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Std 7 – Lands and Peoples Part 2 (Savita Sinha, Mohd Akhtar Hussain). Download Geography OLD NCERT for Class 6: Lands and Peoples The file that you are going to download is in PDF format and will open. Lands and People – Part 3 – Geography Textbook for Class 8. Understanding Environment – Geography Textbook for Class 9. Geography of India – Geography.

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Regional spirit There are several regions which have a distinct sense of regional spirit and cultural traits.

Larger kingdoms and empires rose from these units and weakened, in due course, giving way to another unit to come up. Some historians have defined it as forces of centralisation and decentralisation acting and reacting with each other. In other words, forces of integration and disintegration were always at work.

But it will be more appropriate to say that the Indian system of polity recognised the chakravarti concept of conquest, where every king should aspire for ruling the whole country.

Thus empires fell and new ones arose from it, but the tradition continued.

Even in earlier periods these regions maintained their individuality despite their political ups and downs. Empires rose and fell, they vied with each other very frequently, but these states under different names and under various ruling dynasties, continued their individual existence almost throughout the course of history.

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Maritime diaspora India has a long coast line on its three sides. The people living here were experts in maritime activities and trade with other countries on both sides.

No dynasty other than the Cholas in the south has even attempted to conquer lands beyond the sea. But it was not a lasting attempt.

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These were individual efforts by traders and princes and not by any State. A distinct contrast from the European colonist must be noted here.

Industrial capitalism: Consequences of 2. Labour Laws 3.

Trade Unions Socialism Two world wars 3. This process was furthered by the Renaissance and other developments. The rise of towns and cities and the growth in trade stimulated the production of manufactured goods.


There was an increase in the demand for goods which previously had been considered luxury goods. Life in the new towns and cities had created a desire for many new goods also. All these factors provided a great stimulus to the production of manufactured goods. For a long time, however, the techniques and organization of producing goods did not undergo any significant improvement.

All the maps, mountains, rivers, passes etc should be on your tips.

This book is very important from the essay writing part asked me the mains examination. The NCERT textbooks on sociology will give deep insights into how our society is continuously evolving and provides explanations to the varied perspectives, conflicts, and other social issues related to women, caste, children and the deprived sections of the society.

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Rainfall variation

The new NCERT is helpful for students in getting in-depth knowledge and improve their logical and analytical skills.The second option is the most recommended one, which is downloading these books online. But you cannot trust every website blindly. The value of spirituality was reduced.

Babasaheb Ambedkar. We are of the opinion that as advisors we can have a different opinion.

The traditional methods were inadequate to meet the growing demand for goods.